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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) (Xi'an Tooyo Hotel), L'hotel si trova all'angolo sud-ovest della Croce di North Street, l'intersezione della Metro Line 1 e la line a 2. Si trova nel quartiere business della torre campanaria di Xi'an, vicino ai governi provinciali e comunali, il distretto finanziario centrale, Huidin Street, una famosa strada snack nel sud, cancello Anyuan, l'antica porta della città nel nord, e il secondo ospedale Affiliato di Xi'an famoso ospedale, l'Università di Jiaotong, con posizione geografica superiore e comodo viaggio.
L'hotel ha decorazione calda ed elegante, camere lussuose e confortevoli, servizi completi, copertura WiFi wireless e un piccolo numero di posti auto. E'una residenza comoda per il vostro viaggio d'affari e per il tempo libero.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Quanto dista questo hotel dall'Xi'an Xianyang International Airport?

    Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) si trova a 25.5km dall'aeroporto.

  • Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) offre un servizio di pick-up?

    No, l'hotel non dispone di un servizio di trasferimento.

  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store)?

    Il check-in è dalle 14:00 e il check-out è fino alle 14:00 presso Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store).

  • Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    No, l'hotel non dispone di piscina o palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store) accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store)?

    La colazione è di CNY20 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Xi'an tuyue Hotel (Zhonggulou Huidin Street store)?

    I prezzi partono da CNY189, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • loop300
    It's ordered for my father-in-law and mother-in-law. It's said that the location is good. It's at the subway entrance
  • leo329
    It's very good. It's clean and clean
  • luyoyo
    It's a good accommodation. You can also go to Gulou Huimin street and walk for 10 minutes
  • jjseesea
    Good service from Xiao Zhao and Xiao Sun at the front desk
  • lw2008
    The location is very good, and it's convenient to travel. The service provided by Xiao Sun and Xiao Li at the front desk is very friendly,
  • alpsalps
    It's all very good, but there is no parking space. We park for a few laps, find a parking space, and the parking fee is 80 yuan. The driving friend doesn't recommend staying here
  • braceli
    There are many tourist attractions nearby, especially the beautiful scenery of the city at night, the hotel management is in place, the breakfast is rich, and the front desk service is good
  • buyer
    OK, ha ha
  • e02540816
    The hotel is located in a good location, walking from Huimin street, downstairs is the subway station line 2. It's convenient to go anywhere. I didn't go back until midnight. The environment is very clean. Breakfast at home. Xiao Zhao at the front desk, good service from Xiao Wei, great.
  • alice9_999
    The front desk had a good service, to check-in to upgrade the room! It also introduces the road map and will check in here next time
  • avis123
    Good service from Xiao Zeng and Xiao Huang at the front desk
    The hotel room is very clean. It's a good place to walk over the 1 / 2 subway line for one minute. The service provided by Xiao Zhao and Xiao Wei at the front desk is also very good.
  • jasmine7501
    The location is very good. It's the subway entrance less than three minutes after I go out. Xiao Zhao at the front desk has a good service. He helps me check in, answers questions and cleans up very well. I'm very satisfied. It's great!
  • fangveronica
    Convenient transportation, good service from Xiao Zhao at the front desk
  • andyeileen
    When I came to Xi'an a few years ago, I stayed at the tuyue hotel in Xi'an. I have a deep memory of the noodle soup for breakfast. This time I chose to stay in Xi'an tuyue hotel. The location is very good. Downstairs is the subway station. The transportation is convenient. Not far from the hotel is the famous wanghong Huimin street. It's very convenient to play and eat. The sanitary conditions of the hotel are also very good and quiet. It's a good choice to choose tuyue hotel in Xi'an.
  • e01973208
    Xiao Sun and Xiao Li at the front desk are hospitable and considerate. Please give them some compliments!
  • amyourlord
    Relatively good environment
  • longjuntuo
    I saw a lot of hotels and finally chose to stay in tuyue hotel. I'm quite satisfied with this hotel. The reception at the front desk is very warm. Li Tingxuan can consider customers and treat customers as friends. I'm very satisfied. The first floor of the hotel has provided a tourist route map, which is a lifesaver for a road enthusiast who hasn't been to Xi'an! The room is also super large, and the bath water is very hot. There is no need to worry about the safety of the subway station and the police station at the door! In a word, I am very satisfied with my stay!
  • aileen-dai
    The environment is very general, and the sanitation is not very good! The heating is very hot!
  • jimmysun81
    The advantage of the second stay is good location. The disadvantage is that it can't park. The second floor room is very old. I feel that it's a little equivalent to the old three-star hotel. Compared with many fast hotels, the gap is not small
  • firstwave
    Located in the center of Beidajie City, the subway exit is very convenient. There are many hotels and shops around. The internal environment is also very good, the service is thoughtful, clean and tidy. I live here every time in Xi'an
  • Arlene0616
    The front desk service is very good, very friendly to help me check in, the room is very large, in the city center is more convenient, less than 10 minutes walk from Huimin street is very satisfied.
  • beyona
    The location of the hotel is very good. The entrance is the police station. The subway entrance is also very close. I checked in for the third time. It's as good as ever. Xiao Zhao at the front desk is very enthusiastic to help me check in. The service is not so good. It's very good
  • summerblue1983
    The environment, sanitation and geographical location are all good, the front desk service is more friendly, and the sun service is more friendly
  • anneyy
    I ordered it for my friend. My friend said that the room was very good. In the city center, Xiao Zhao, the front desk attendant, served very well. He was very friendly. He was very close to Huimin street. It was quite convenient. He could also deposit his luggage for free??
  • Aaron Hui
    There are many snacks near the hotel, there is a subway at the door, breakfast is rich, the front desk service is friendly, and the attitude is good
  • svr1300
    Cheap, clean, neat
  • GoldenTycoon
    Cost effective, downtown, shopping and catering convenient, good!
  • e01400566
    Good service from Xiao Wei at the front desk
  • Sanddy
    Good service from Xiao Wei at the front desk
  • frau616
    The front desk service is good, the room is very large, the hotel environment is good in all aspects, the geographical location is good, just beside the North Street subway station, push his home,
  • law66
    The front desk, Xiao Zeng and Xiao Zhao are all very good, very friendly. They upgraded the room type for free, deposited their luggage and recommended the route map when they went out!
  • danielle399571
    Breakfast has porridge, milk, coffee, orange juice, milk bread, noodles, fried vegetables, fried eggs, very rich, the front desk Xiao Li service is good, help me to place orders online, very patient
  • dog0210
    The hotel is located on the side of Beidajie subway station, about ten minutes' walk from the bell and Drum Tower. The transportation is very convenient, and the meals around are very convenient. Breakfast in the hotel is very ordinary
  • GAVIN83
    There's no parking lot
  • e02461819
    I have lived in many hotels in Xi'an. The environment of this hotel is good, the attitude of the service staff is quite good, the room is clean and tidy, there is no smell, and it is close to the surrounding scenic spots. It is very convenient to travel, play and drive! Next time I go to Xi'an, this hotel must be my first choice (the lowest price is the same level hotel in Xi'an). Of course, the low price does not mean the reduction of service attitude and room conditions! 24 hours hot water, bath at any time, let me stay worry free! Very satisfied, 100% praise!
  • max_max
    Location and service were all good,
  • m03303143
    Convenient location, suitable for travel
  • anandajiang
    Good location, convenient travel, good service, super friendly, quick check-in, clean room, recommended check-in!
  • syx999
    Good service from the front desk, Zhao xiaosun! Nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice
  • cwf75
    The hotel is near the subway entrance economically!
  • cdwawa
    Generally speaking, the breakfast was delicious and the sanitary environment was very good, that is to say, the sound insulation effect was a little poor, and the noisy people could not sleep at night, so the geographical location was very good.
  • blu97
    The cost-effective hotel is very close to the subway, Zhonggulou Huimin street, and the surrounding area is very prosperous and convenient. The facilities are older, such as peeling wallpaper, but it has nothing to do with the check-in and does not sleep on the wall, which mainly depends on the personal requirements.
  • MeganLu
    Better than expected,
  • amaggieling
    Overall, I think it's very good, the price is also affordable
  • leislove
    Breakfast is self-service. There are a lot of general categories. The front desk service is very friendly. I helped to deposit my luggage and upgrade the room type for free. The hotel is close to the bell and Drum Tower and Huimin street! 50 meters away is the subway, very convenient
  • gongjing
    The location of the hotel is superior. It is close to the bell tower. There is Metro Line 2 at the entrance of the hotel. The hotel is clean and sanitary. The front desk service is very good. The price is reasonable. It is worth staying!
  • e02516790
    The front desk, Xiao Zhao, has a good service, one for check-in, one for the introduction of the road map! I'll come again next time
  • GretaG
  • bigbull
    The front desk has a good service. I would like to introduce the surrounding scenic spots and road map. The hotel is good, and the breakfast is also very rich. I will come back later